Mariano A. Davies

President & CEO

He is British and has a British university education and has worked internationally for more than 35 years. He was a Partner at KPMG for 10 years and has worked for British Chambers of Commerce at an Executive level for three decades.

Offer Dischon

JV Executive Partner

Offer Dischon is Israeli and the founder and CEO of PBO-Prime Business Office and has extensive entrepreneurial experience advising international entrepreneurs to achieve the best possible commercial results.

Lars Kann

Compliance Officer

He is Danish and has many years of international business experience. He has especially worked in the Far East building and managing Power Stations, the Music Industry in Sweden and IT Strategy and Data Communication in Denmark.

Renato Pereira

South America Executive

Renato is Brazilian. He is an Executive Business Partner within PBO-OBS Global Group covering South America. He is a civil engineer with more than 20 years’ experience in the Oil, Gas & Energy Industry with global exposure and several strategic management positions.

Ari Virtanen

Nordic Region Executive

Ari is Finnish and has a strong executive and management level background. He has worked over 16 years as a CEO, 15 years as an expatriate manager, and is a board professional in stock listed and private companies. B.Sc. Electric Engineer & MBA.

Dr. Michael Mastoris

North America Executive

Michael is American and has a solid university background in biology and chemistry after which he also became a medical doctor. He is a serial entrepreneur including the development of the Deluge Thermal Hydraulic Engine. His focus now is on green energy projects.

Rohan Boehm

Australia NZ Executive

Rohan is Australian and the President & CEO The New Energy Zone Pty Ltd based in regional New South Wales, Australia, and serves PBO-OBS Global Group clients in principally in Australia and New Zealand. He has led business, industry and management teams.

Gavin Eichler

South Africa Executive

Gavin is from South Africa with a tertiary educational background in mechanical engineering & agriculture. Has 30 years experience in the business sector – most recently working with ecosystems commodity trading for plastics, carbon, minerals and waste management.

Ricardo Alvarado

Latin America Executive

Ricardo is from Nicaragua and has more than 30 years of experience in development projects and international relations. Former Ambassador of Nicaragua to the Nordic countries of Europe.

Ph.D. Chem. Villanova University USA.

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